Hold on

While debris is passing by

And cover

Where you bore

A heavenly hole in my head

Between my eyelid and skull

Between my finger

And thumb


Of change

Incapable of reversion

Nevermore a mellow sap

And sunken dolly

I am repaired

By the greatest tailor

Sewn together

Newly – not broke



I feel


And I am not so

Good at goodbyes

But they are getting easier

And It worries me


all I have left

Of this human


Is the feeling

Of being homesick

And understanding

You’re missing.

But now

I can drink and drink and drink

And not get sappy

Because I have no affection

For you

Any longer

And now

I only stare a bit longer

And let my thoughts

Go darker

Nothing to pull me back

Lucid dreaming

Five months, nothing to eat

And I saw this colored light

And thought

Oh, your children

Must be lucky

Because I felt a warmth there

That made me

Grow sour

And sad

I love

And I love

But it’s never

Real enough

Just snuff


A motherly sense

And longing

For childhood

I’m not sorry

You think me odd

But you should know by now

I would search for this


Till I’m buried in the ground


No satisfaction

Hoping I leave a mark

On your pinkish soul


I swam upstream

For you

And I nearly drowned

For you


That ring was expensive.